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Another air cleaner question lol

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Not long bought a nightster that came with short shots on question is what air cleaner would go best to stage one it for an affordable price and also to those that have is it worth the money by the time I've bought it and installed a tuner and got it remapped etc will it make that much of a difference I've worked it out to cost around £700 to get it all done but don't know if it's worth it or I'd be better saving my money ?? Thanks
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Just buy the S.E. filter kit and throw that on there. It's probably one of the cheapest ways to go other than just getting a K&N filter and then cutting holes in your backplate.

Yeah that's one I was looking at but even doing that would cost about £500 with the remap and tune etc I don't mind doing it if it will get noticeable results but if it's not going to make a big difference to the bike is it worth it??
In my opinion it's worth it. I did the S.E. on my 2010 Wide Glide. I had Big Radius 2 into 2 on my bike and instead of a re-map I installed some Xieds. They were around 40 bucks for both if I remember correctly and they definitely made the bike run really good with the exhaust and intake. I would at least try them first since they are cheap enough and then if they don't work you can look into a tune later on. Are the baffles still in the Short Shots? If they aren't then I would get some in there. Otherwise, it won't matter much what you do to the bike, it's not going to run great with just short straight exhaust unless you plan on being in the 5-6k RPM range all the time.

Thanks mate no there were no baffles there open will need to get some sorted
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