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Are there any LazerStar turn signal mount owners that can vouch for this product?

LazerStar tells me that their 41mm billet 2-piece turn signal mounts spec out at: 40.7mm.

The front fork tubes on my '07 Might Train are 41.3mm (factory spec confirmed with dial caliper.

Here's the problem. I bought the mounts and attempted to 'tap' them into place on my fork tubes. It was not a easy fit, and by the time I decided to tapping on them, I still had about 1/8" of light showing between the fork tube and the mount.

SO, has anyone successfully mounted the LazerStar 2-piece turn signal mounts to their bike, and if so, did you have to beat the piss out of them to make them fit? LazerStar says they've sold thousands of these mounts with no complaints, but I'm not willing to keep pounding on these things to try and make them fit until I hear from at least one other person who can confirm that this is the PROPER way to go about mounting these.

Here's the link to the product in question: Lazer Star Lights LSM048-3141 Chrome 41mm Tube Clamp

Here's how much of a gap (the light colored ring) remained once I reached the point where I wasn't comfortable tapping on it anymore:
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