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Anyone know this ignition?

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Hey guys looking for info on settings for this ignition, can’t seem to find anything. It’s on a 2000 xl1200c thanks!
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Thanks!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for, now that brings up another question. It says 0 for xl models and 2 for buel blasts, what would 1 and 3 be? Is it like 0 for xl883 1 for xl1200 2 for buel blast and 3 for a different buel? What do you guys think?
Use Mode Sel 0 for 883 and 1200 Sportster. Adv Slope is where you set the advance timing settings. That setting would depend on what performance mods have been done to the motor.
So here’s the list of what I know has been done, s&s super e carb and teardrop air cleaner, screamin Eagle ignition and drag pipes, so what amount of advance would you think I’d need? Initial setting says 5 to start but what would I be looking for? To much timing can be detrimental correct?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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