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Anyone Running RC Componants

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Is anyone running rc componants true duals? I have a 2011 sg with 4" rc slashcut mufflers and I like the look but wanting to upgrade to true duals. After reading reviews (not many) it appears they have great flow and the quality seems to be top line. Just curious what others think. Thanks.
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I don't have the head pipes but wish I had seen them first. I have RC component mufflers and V&H true dual Headpipes. RC ones do look good and have both size bungs in them already which is a definite plus
I have the full-sack header pipe and the RC Components exhaust. I really enjoy the sound my pipes make and I am sure the true duals sound great!
I bought this sg with stock head pipes and a set of rcx slash cut 4" mufflers. The baffles were taken out and talking to my tuner(getting ready to put a set of cams in) he said that with no baffles there is not enough back pressure to obtain the best tune with the new cams. RC doesn't sell the baffles separate and state they are pressed in. Once removed they will rattle if tried to put back in. So I pulled the trigger and bought a new set of slash cuts cause I like the look and bought the rcx true duals.

I wasn't going to get the true duals but got a great price for $380 shipped to the door. Now waiting for shipment and the install. Im sure the cams will wake up the bike and cant hurt with the exhaust set up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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