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I was having some problems with my charging system as detailed here:


I am going to have my stator replaced under warranty, so I was thinking of taking advantage of the free labor to pay out of pocket for the high out put charging system offered by the MoCo:

High Output Charging System-29900028 | Charging & Wiring | Official Harley-Davidson Online Store

I was wondering if anyone has upgraded to this system on their touring rigs (it apparently comes standard on the CVO touring models) and if so, did they see a significant improvement over the stock system. Additionally, has anyone out there gone with an aftermarket system that may potentially beat the MoCo system for similar cost (please know that I typically try and stay with MoCo stuff on the bike in case I need some roadside service on a weekend while riding out of town; I have had to depend on the MoCo dealer network to come through for me a few times since taking ownership of this bike in 2012!)

Many thanks in advance for any insights you all care to share.
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