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have a 03' heritage softail have been looking at apes for a while now, just don't want the same ol thing. anyone have any dealings with BR" custom bars? any and all input is appreciated. thanks in advance.:feedback:
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WOW!! not one reply, thanks anyway.
WOW!! not one reply, thanks anyway.
Don't take it personally. But if nobody has had dealings with them, then you won't get a reply. BR makes good stuff, but rather pricey. Cheaper options out there for sure. I bet if you asked about Wild1's or Yaffe's, the replies would be there.
its only been a day - i used wild one chubbys on my street bob -
yea you guys are right on both accounts, just looking to do a littlle different. i considered wild 1 maybe i will again. thanks again.
I also have the wild 1 chubby bars on my SG
Wild 1's here too

Love em.
I don't have apes.
Hey, you wanted responses.
Don't know what brand mine are but I love em! I also have a Heritage and my apes are different than most large bikes have. They are 16's but they part I like is the width across the risers. They measure "maybe" 8"-9" across. Not even close to 12" wide. I love that! Gives the bike a very different look!
I don't have apes.
You will.

Looked over their site.
Some unique and interesting stuff. Custom made to order is going to = $$$$
Do not have a clue on quality.
Wild 1's here too, which is why I didn't reply in the first place.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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