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Back to a Dyna

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After years away from 2 wheels, got a Honda VTX 1300 in the fall of 2008. Went to OBX Bike Week in April of '09, whereupon my then 12 y/o daughter said, Dad, showing up at a Harley event on a Honda really sucks."

Well, she was right - got an "09 Super Glide 3 months later and proceeded to enjoy the he!! out of it, especially after getting the mini apes from the Street Bob and some Iso Grips with a throttle boss put on it. Spent a fair amount of time on this forum back then, too.

During OBX Bike Week 2011, took a demo ride on a Road King. Instant love - got one 3 months later. After a while, I missed the nimbleness of the Glide, plus it just felt more like a "get on it and go" bike than the RK did. My now 17 y/o daughter also completed the Harley Rider Academy a couple of months ago. My kid is on the small side, like my wife. She really wasn't comfortable with balancing the RK and I wasn't thrilled about the lack of ABS on the RK for a new rider.

Walked into a dealership last Saturday and there our new bike sat - a '14 Wide Glide in charcoal with blue flames. Standard ABS. Got a better than expected trade, .9% interest, and the deal was done. Just waiting on the seat (Rallyrunner - looked better than stock, particularly for a passenger), Iso Grips with throttle boss, and backrest to arrive and be installed. Not going with wind protection for now but will be following the threads to see what other owners do about this. When I pick the bike up, think I'll get a tool bag to put on the riser for stashing stuff.

My wife, kid, and I had good times on the Road King but I'm ready to get back on a Dyna. Of course, now my wife wants a trike...
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Congrats on the Wideglide. I've got the tall removable windscreen from HD on mine. Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motor vehicle Fuel tank

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You picked a winner Pal . There's just nothing like a Wide Glide . Get you a good full face helmet & forget about the windshield . Course down here in the south that's easy for me to say . I have two different windshield's that came with my W/G and I have yet to put one on in the four years I've had the bike . It just destroys the looks & defeats the purpose of havin a W/G . You know , the cool factor ! LOL
I put a 2" tank lift on my 09 street bob and I swear it cut down some wind in the face.
Beatiful bike! I'm sure it will provide a lot of opportunities for you and your dauggter to make many wonderful memories. Enjoy!
Welcome home, that paint job is sweet!
Congrats I got mine a month ago 2014 W.G. There are some great deals out there now on the14s. :bikerguy:
I have had a 99 Wide Glide for years and love it. I want a bagger at some point - for longer rides, but the FZDWG is the first love.

As to the wind, the whole point of a WideGlide is to enjoy the wind. I will not put a screen on mine.

Yup!..they just don't look right and actually depending on the windscreen,may create alot of unwanted turbulance. I'm probably going to cave at some point and get a full face helmet for longer out of the city rides. Hope it works out.

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Thanks for the comments and the welcome home. It's good to be back. Brought the Wide Glide home Wednesday night. Need to do a few more mods. First, got to get the bars closer. I'm 6'5", have some screwed up discs in my back, and leaning into the bars is irritating my right shoulder. Same thing happened on my Super Glide and the mini apes from the Street Bob solved it. Really want to keep the drag bar - had no trouble with the drag bar on the VTX I once owned.

Went to the dealer Saturday to look at changing risers. Found some in the Drag Specialties book in 5.5, 6.5 and 8 inches in black aluminum. Parts guy measured from the triple tree to the bottom of the clamp and got 5 inches, so the order for the 6.5 inch risers is set to go out Tuesday when the dealership opens. Some research on-line, including this site, seems to indicate that the measurement should run from the tree to the middle of the bar as it sits in the riser. If this is the case, 6.5 inch risers probably aren't going to change much and need to go to 8 inches to get the bars 2 inches closer, which should help greatly but keep me from having to change cables and lines. What do y'all think? Appreciate any suggestions with this.

Also getting a removable windshield, probably from the P&A book. Harley's detachable screens completely detach from the bike, as opposed to some others. Any recommendations here are welcome and appreciated.
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HD shields are nice. They pop on and off in seconds leaving nothing behind. I got the touring shield for mine, and it works pretty well. I do get a bit of turbulence though.
The H-D smoke Sport windshield is what I have on mine. It's more slim and has less hardware for a cleaner look. I won't ride the big roads without it anymore.

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Some good news. After going back and forth with risers, the dealer's service folks - and according to the Sales Mgr. the dealer himself, figured a solution. They put a set of buckhorn bars on the stock risers. Rode the bike home from the dealer (40+ miles) with no shoulder or neck pain. When I first saw the bars, I got scared remembering how bad I hurt till I got them off of my old Super Glide. They work fine here. Also followed Kibb's lead and got a Super Sport windshield. There was some helmet buffeting on the highway, then I looked down and saw how fast I was going. When I slowed down to a speed approaching legal, the buffeting was gone.

Now I just need decent weather next weekend to put some more break in miles on her. I really love this bike.
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