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well i just cant be satisfied current twin cam 107 at 122.5hp and 131tq looking for more power trying to go after the 130hp and 140tq marks

was running 83cc heads with 10.5:1 flats tops giving just about 11:1 with a 1.94 and 1.63 valve head, 1.77 runner 55mm tb 1.7 roller rockers and andrews 67 cam

made the jump to chain drive vs belt, had a better valve job put on that gained me 20cfm from about .100 lift to about .500 lift and gained 10cfm from .500 to .650 lift

had andrews make me a custom cam with a tad more duration and overlap along with .630 lift along with much faster ramp rates

hopefully at the end off it all ill get my numbers im hoping for or better..ill post up results and a comparison as soon as i get the bike back
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