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Bad Luck Comes in Threes

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What's your worst breakdown story? My happened about this time last year when I was riding north to attend the Pewter Run. Three major failures in just 200 miles of riding. Makes for a good story though...

Check it out: Bad Luck Comes In Threes: Brakes, Belts and Drums

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I've been very lucky, any problems I've had I've always made it to a garage of a friend or home. I just wanted to thank you for a great story, good read, glad all turned out well for you.
Neat story. There is nothing like the efforts of friends and strangers to keep your trip going. Thanks for sharing.
Great story, Jim. You seemed to keep good spirits through all those problems, with the help of some damn good friends.
Those are the stories that you will tell for many years to come.
I've been lucky for a couple of reasons....(1) that I have never had a major mechanical failure on the road (2) that I have lots of friends all over the country that I know I can count on if I ever do. This is a story that ended a lot happier because of friends. I love the fact that bikers are a big community of people that will go way out of the way to help another biker in distress.
Yesiree, that was one for the books. Great story. I had a:ride 1977 super glide that was totally undependable. No matter how well maintained I tried to keep it. You just never knew.
that was a great story. thanks for sharing it. i really enjoyed that.
Man you have some perseverance. There would have been many that would have gave up.
Man you have some perseverance. There would have been many that would have gave up.
Indeed. I hate to admit it, but I probably would have thrown in the towel early on in that situation. A good lesson to be learned.
There is something special about the motorcycle community and something special about the classic community.

Many years ago (back in the UK) I rebuilt a Triumph TR6 from scratch...a group of enthusiasts would often make long tours going as far as Europe and I remember seeing a broken down car on one of these tours and before you knew it, everyone was emptying their trunks and getting out tools and spare parts..I'm fairly sure that between the group they had enough parts to build a whole new car!!..it was truly special and I'm glad that you were able to call upon that same spirit to get you on the move again...what a great story.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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