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I actually found this forum through this site because they have the Harley Davidson forum banner on the top of their web page.

I ordered a jacket from them thinking they were on the up and up but when I recieved the jacket I was quite surprised for a number of reasons. First I was sent a message saying that the billing would be through another company name (JA&L Environ Toner Corp). OK so there are companies that own several businesses so I thought this should still be OK. I did do a google search however on the parent and found one similiar but not the same.

My Jacket did arrive in about two weeks and that is when I had more suprises. the jacket was shipped to me from some place in China. When I opened it everything looked OK but when I tried to put it on I could barely get it around my shoulders. I checked the tag again and it said it was an XXL but couldn't have been any bigger than a medium. It did have all of the HD tags on it.

I then contacted them through email and told them of the problem and also asked for a phone number and address to contact them because their web site doesn't list any contact information ( I should have known better at that point). They do respond, however it is never right away and alway around 4AM EST. They said that they run small and that if I gave them my height and weight they could size it properly even though they have a sizing chart right on their web site for ordering. They didn't supply me with any contact info either. They said I could send it back for exchange but I would have to pay the shipping.

I responded back with the info they requested and also informed them that I had gone to the local HD store and had tried it on there and that the size I had ordered was correct. I again asked them for contact info.

Ther response was that if I ship the jacket back to them at the address below that they would refund my purchase and that they don't supply contact information for internet orders, only for purchases made in their store. below is the address they supplied to return the jacket.
Ida Ng
2325 S street. #10
Lincoln, NE 68503.

I've sent it back and also contacted my CC company to dispute the charge. I also asked them for their stores location and got no response.

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That sucks. Nothing I hate worse than bad customer service. Keep us informed as to the outcome.
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