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Big guy on a 48 Seat Delimma

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Howdy, I am 6'1 and around 260lbs. Recently purchased a 2014 Forty-Eight. I thought the stock seat was horrible,so I bought a Biltwell Speedway seat. I love the look of the seat on my bike, but it was not made for big guys. It was way harsher then the stock seat.

I am trying to figure out the best seat out there for me. I don't want the Sundowner touring look, but I do want the comfort or close too it.
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You may have to give a lil to get a lil... Your tush may love the sundowner even tho your she's don't... Harley has there seat program... Try them out even if they are not eye candy... At least on my list comfort is high... But for aftermarket.... I've had good luck with mustang

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From what I hear 9/10 people recommend the mustang brand seat I have the sundowner for 2 up with my wife and long hauls and a cheap bolt on spring for solo. My buddy has a la pera on his 72 and it's really comfortable. I am 5'11 240.

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Do you have saddle gel in the seats? Made a HUGE positive diff. on my danny gray seat.
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