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2003 Electra Glide Classic FLHTC
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A few days ago on my hour ride home from work I was about halfway home when I turned the radio volume down and heard a whining noise coming from what I believe was the primary. I pulled in the clutch and let the motor slow way down and the whining slowed down with the motor, but still whining. I pulled over and shut the motor off, checked the oil and it was approx 1 full quart over full. Just a week prior to this I had changed the motor oil and primary oil. 3.5 qts in the motor and 1 qt in the primary, Lucas full synthetic 20w50. I babied her the rest of the way home going no faster than 30 and coasting whenever possible. I checked the primary oil level and it was very low, motor oil very high.

I read a thread on here that suggested a stator screw may have backed out allowing the motor to suck the oil out of the primary and into the motor. I just finished taking the primary out and the stator magnetic cover only to find that all 4 stator screws were there and still tight. The seals all looked good, nothing broken out of them anyway.

The stator has a couple spots with that look like it's burned, see attached pic. Not sure it's supposed to look like this. And of course I'm very baffled as to how the oil moved from the primary to the motor. Oh, and before I pulled the primary I drained off about a quart from the motor leaving it at the full mark, refilled the primary then started it up. It was still whining.

Not sure what to make of all this. Could something in the motor been damaged from having so much oil in it? Is it possible one of the bearings, stator shaft or primary shaft brg, gone bad?

What do you all think?


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Stator doesn't look burnt to me. If you're talking about those two brown spots either side of the forward-most coil, that's some kind of epoxy that holds the plug wires in place to the stator.

This is a burned up stator:
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