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Variation of a previous idea.

I scored a coupon for a HF wheel chock (the better one) $48.

I first tried it on a piece of rubber back outdoor carpet but it still wanted to stay with the wheel when I'd try to pull out of it. Not wanting to drill holes in my concrete I came up with an alternate method.

I attached a piece of 3/4 inch ply to the 16 inch O.C studs of my garage wall. I wanted to mount the chock to the plywood but the bolt heads that attach the cross brace to the chock frame prevented the brace from setting flush against the plywood. So I attached the cross brace to the chock frame with steel pop rivets (4ea) and eliminated the bolts.

Kinda hard to see the rivets in that pic but they are there. I then just drilled two holes through the crossbrace and ran some good wood screws into the plywood, chock is now securely attached to my garage wall and stays right in place when I back out of it. Maybe I should have run machine screws through the ply from the back side and used wing nuts to attach the chock, sounds like a future modification.

This way I can get an Equinox on the left side of the bike and a Kia on the right side

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