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Biker down

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Last night a family friend named Ronny past away. He was a life long biker. He had a checkered past and is a former MC but decided to put that stuff behind him years ago. Back in late July after going on a month long ride throughout the U.S. he went back home only to find out he had a brain tumor. He went into emergency surgery to have it removed. Sadly the surgery paralyzed his left side. Things were starting to look up and he passed last night. I normally don't post stuff like this but For Ronny I think an exception needs to be made. He rode is whole life and why not share a small part of him through a community dedicated to what he loved. I feel honored to have rode with him during his final ride this past summer. May he RIP.

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Ride with the Angels Ronny.
Vandy, you did right by sharing with us! Anything, let us know!

R.I.P Ronny!
RIP Ronny.
Peace Ronny
RIP Ronny.
Now you ride free and safe for enernity.
God bless, Ronny.
Sad to hear RIP brother
Sorry for your loss.
"Any man's death diminishes me ..." John Donne

This is especially true for this family.

I pray he goes with God.
Sorry to hear that kind of news. Sympathies to you and his family. Thank you, Ronny, for the reminder to all of us -- Don't put off a chance to live your dreams. Peace, Ronny.

Never met him but I will miss him any way. RIP
He will be deeply missed. R.I.P Ronny
RIP, Ronny.
RIP Ronny. Ride that big highway in the sky brother!!!
Sorry to hear this about your friend Vandy.
Rest easy, Ronny.

Prayers up for friends and family, including the OP.
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