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bolts on rear mag wheel completely stripped out

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Okay while driving down the highway litteraly all the bolts had managed to strip out besides one. The mag wheel is ruined. They have broken off and they have wedged them selves in there. So of course I need a new mag wheel. I have a 2006 sportster custom. I usually go to my dad for questions like this but hes out of town working. So I took the tire size and looked it up and found out my rear mag wheel is 16 inches. He said I should buy one on ebay. But none of them have the exact description. It needs to be 16 inches he said. Is it just by chance that there may not be that many sizes on ebay and I should just say **** it and buy a new one? I've been cruising ebay off and on for almost two weeks now looking for a used one.
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Need to specify 883 or 1200, makes a difference.

883 PN# 41041-05 (Aluminum)

1200 PN# 43335-05 (Chrome)
Harley Davidson Wheel Cast Rear Chrome with 1" Bearings 16x3 P N 43335 05 | eBay
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