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Boot straps...?

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Hey guys
I was looking at the Elastic boot straps like the Skull ones the Harley shop sells and put them on my Christmas list I gave my wife. But now I still have not seen one Harley rider using them............am I going to look like I just stepped out of "Wild Hogs" when I wear them? :)
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I wear them all the time. I once had a wasp/bee/whatever stinging SOB fly up my jeans while on the highway hauling ass. When he got in there, he got really pissed off and started to sting the shit outta me. Not fun!! Started beating on my leg to try to kill the bastard. Other people on the highway probably thought I was a crazy bastard beating the shit outta myself. Ended up pulling over to the side of the road, stripping my jeans off and relieving myself of the problem. Boot straps can be your friend.
I have seen a few guys wearing them. I recently got a pair for longer trips.
I have a pair of the skull bootstraps by Harley. I've tried wearing them when I'm not wearing jeans to keep the thiner material pant leg from blowing up. 3 out of 4 times one of the clips have come undone. Maybe they only work on the thicker jean material, don't know.

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Wear them all the time and yes, they only work on the thicker jeans material. But I tell you what, I wouldn't ride without them! When it gets a little cool out, it's nice having those jeans stay down instead of having to constantly pull them down. They will also make you lose weight (if you need too) because you really have to get down there to put them on!
I wear boot straps on long rides. Keeps the wind from blowing your pant legs in side out. And stops the wind from blowing up your pant leg. Especially when your using your highway pegs.
I have a pair of them with Buffalo nickels on them, like the above poster said Bee's and nasty little critters get in there while riding it is a bitch.
Great when its cold too
Well guys, thank you for the replies. They were one of those things I asked for but then got to wondering............I guess I won't get laughed off the road then. I didn't want to look like some poor guy that wears the S.O.A. tee shirt his wife buys him........:)
Lots of guys wear them. I've never seen decorated ones, but skulls are cool.
I wear them everytime I ride. Keeps my pant legs down, and also keeps my pistol from being exposed that I have on my boot.

Look at my pant leg.

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I have the kind that hook to your boot laces with Ranger stars , keeps your pant legs where they belong :thumbsup
Don't worry about what you look like. Ride for yourself and wear what makes you comfortable when you ride. Those people that think they're dumb won't be there to hold your pant legs down going down the road so screw them.
I had a pair of cargo pants on one time kept blowing up to my damn knee. Stopped at a gas station and used electrical tape to keep them around my ankle. You wont look any wierder than that.
I have never used boot straps but am looking to get some, for cooler temps I have been using knee necks. I have the knee to ankle ones for about 4 years and they work great, keeps the legs warm and can't beat the price. if you try them you will like them. Easy on & off.

Anything to keep the pant legs closed and off limits to stingy things is a good idea. We came across a LifeFlight in the Blue Mountains (Oregon) this last summer. Lady in a group from Utah got a jacket or wasp up the right leg and high-sided the bike trying to shake it out.

My chaps manage to keep things in place, so far. But, I'm thinking about highway bars, so that might be on my Christmas list, too.
Thanks guys
Being new to Harley and just back into bikes in general after several years away from them I assume there are a few things that "just are not done". I ride poorly enough without also dressing like some kind of a Spode as well...........:)
+1 I love mine, usually only use them in the winter though.. But I have 3 sets :)
I wear them every time I ride and get them from Biker Boot Straps.

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I had the elastic type but if ya catch them on the edge of your floorboard it can pop off and then ya have a dangling strap to contend with...yes it happened to me several times.
I now use these and really like them
Biker Stirrups | Boot Clips | Ryderclips for Laced Boots
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