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bored as Eff

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cleaned my scoot up a bit and shot some pics. processed to B&W

two weeks from now should have a drink in my hand and about 25 good friends within shouting distance... cmon Fostoria.


sorry for boring everyone...
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I'm never bored in here.

I'm loving that sweet ride!

Nice bike, bore us anytime.
Nice looking bike! See ya in about 2 weeks
Hot sex
Nice bike & garage. Do you like the Klockwerks shield?
I do like the Klockworks shield
It is bigger than I like to look at but the air management is perfect.
I'll be interested to hear your exhaust actually, I almost went that route.
Thanks for the pics, sweet ride, I'd like to hear her as well.
I'm never bored in here.

I'm loving that sweet ride!

All of this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Beautiful ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, a rainy day, holidays are over, what else you gonna do until the game comes on? I tell you what, to help you overcome your effing boredom, how about I bring my RKC over for you to detail?

You are welcome!
Can't wait to meet you. Also, can't wait to violate your bike's rear fender some day.
Nice bike, bore us anytime.
How would you like to be bored? :spank:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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