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Brake Cruise fuse will not hold... Need the Ah Ha moment

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Brake lamp and cruise fuse keeps blowing on 02 SE Road King. I have checked the R/Y wire from relay to lamp, all good. The O/V feed checks out. Although all of the cruise checks out, I have it isolated from the bike.
I've chased every connection and segment of the R/B signal wire to activate brake relay and drop cruise, all good there too. So I touch my big (10#AWG) R/G feed wire from the ignition switch for those three fused circuits and it shows that it is directly grounded. So I remove all fuses and relays to find that the green wire to the solenoid from the starter circuit is grounded. (Now my HIPO engine and stock 12yo starter have been warring each other for a long time)

Have any of you long time gurus found a faulty starting circuit will blow the stop lamp fuse???

Keep in mind with a fresh fuse the stop lamp works correctly before and after starting the engine, but some where between the time I leave home and get to the next spot to look at my stop lamp it is gone, fuse blown again. I am wondering if a grounded starter will do that to the little ole stop lamp circuit?
And I have spent days pouring over every other connection, wire segment and switch on the accessory O/W on the bike. My O/R wire for the P&A goes to the head lamp bucket and does nothing at all. I have checked all of the handle bar switches, and connections in the head lamp bucket. It's tight man.
I need that Ah ha moment to relax and get this thing solved
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Looks like you're going to have a good time with this one. I've been looking over the schematic for that circuit, and that green wire picks up the ground through the operated starter relay which you say is removed. Check for corrosion at the relay mount that might cause a connection (resistive) to ground. I'll keep looking....might get lucky here. Good luck.
Change the bulb. I've seen bulbs that work, but are shorted inside and after a few stops the load blows the fuse.
Check corrosion and try different lamp, check. Next I'll drop the rear wheel, pull the wiring out of the fender and disassemble the tail light mount/ distribution panel.
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