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Thanks 1/2 Ton, all the googling I did, I didnt go straight to harley.
I guess I cant splice it, in my mind it was LED so there was a module causing it to blink, I guess it wasn't always LED and they arnt going to blink.
Is there an aftermarket inline module that could make them blink?
This doesn't make them blink rather, it slows the blinking down so you can see it blink:
It's called a "Load Equalizer" It's plug n play from Custom Dynamics. There are different variations but, I have had fantastic results with CD's products and i know many others here on the forum have all had positive results with them. And they stand behind their products! I run CD front signals on my Ultra and plan on switching out all the incondessents to CD LED's on the Sporty.

Go to this website and fill in the info requested for your bike. You won't be disappointed. I am not in anyway affiliated with them just, a happy customer.

Edit: That HD SIP is not a easy to find webpage! That one i only found from being on this forum and others sharing it with us!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts