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Purchased my first HD 2015 a month ago and keep having the same problem w/o resolution from the local HD dealership. Soon after buying, I noticed the engine hesitate while riding. Really noticeable when trying to ride at a constant speed. However, happens all the time and just not enjoyable to ride. Now I get the engine light on while riding...off, on, off, etc. What's really frustrating is that I've taken the bike back to the dealer three times for this issue and each time they tell me they've fixed it and verified it by riding. However, each time I pick up my bike and ride around for a day or two, I notice the same issue with the engine light.

I'm so disappointed in the reliability of the bike and the amount of time wasted waiting for the dealership to try to fix it. How many times do I need to take it back to get them to fix it permanently? Techs at local dealer initially told me the hesitation is normal for a new bike until the engine gets broken in. If so, I don't find this pleasant when riding, even kind of dangerous when going through an intersection from a stop and the bike hesitates in the middle of the intersection.

Anyone ever have a similar issue with a new, one month old bike? Not sure what to do at this point. I dread taking back to dealership as they will most likely take over a week to find some temporary solution.

Any help would be appreciated!
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