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Breakout 103 Engine Upgrades

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I have a Softail Breakout with the 103. I want to upgrade the cams to to get the maximum amount of lope along with either low to mid power or across the board power. I would also like to increase the compression ratio and have this thing running and sounding like a beast but I dont want gas PING I want to be able to run on the fuel at the pumps.

Which cams are going to provide the maximum amount of lope plus provide added horse and torque along with the ability to up the compression ratio?

Am I going to need to do any head work?
Which Pistons?
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Everybody will have a different opinion. This was just talked about a couple of weeks ago. I suggest you got to the search button at the top of the page and type in "103 cams". And if you get a chance go to "new to community" and the;; us a ;title about yourself. Enjoy.
i apologize but i couldnt locate it
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