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Breakout Forks Take a Beating

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Got driven off the road by a panel truck on a country road I drive all the time. Moved a 2,000 lb boulder 20 inches at least. Sailed 20 feet and walked in with the bike. Everyone at Harley of Dallas wanted to see the bike - usually folks in this kind of accident don't walk in to talk about it. Totaled.


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Holy crap! Nice to see you still on the right side of the dirt! Glad you aren't totaled.
What Eric said!
Your Guardian Angel was flying right close to you.
glad only the bike is wrecked, that can b fixed. I'd be calling the truck company for compensation! Here's to having a BN front end soon!!!

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Wow! Glad you're alright! With that kind of luck you should buy a Lotto ticket ASAP!! :)

Last year on my way to my 1K service a truck came into my lane on purpose - the guy was laughing!

Hope you're fixed up and back on the road soon. :bikerguy:
I can't say you are lucky, cuz your bike is effed. But you are fortunate that you walked away.
Those were some nice looking diamond cut cylinders.:mad
Glad your ok the bike can be replaced.
Very glad you are OK...Bike can be replaced...Almost had the same thing happen in ny last year...driver stopped at the last second/1 inch from my bike...doesn't get any closer than that...Get back on another horse and ride...Safely...
That looks one hell of a hard hit.
Gald you are ok.
Looks like someone was watching out for you...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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