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Brew Ridge Trail ride

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Planning this ride next weekend. Haven't been to any of these breweries before, so looking for some recommendations. It's all beer, so it's all good, right? 4 of us, gonna stay near Charlottesville, probably not enough time to get down to Roanoke. Just want to get a little stretch in before riding season shuts down. Anybody in the area wants to meet up that's cool too.


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Spoke, that's some pretty country to ride (other than downtown C'ville with its traffic) even without the beer. Wasn't aware of the breweries when I had to go up there with my ex who is still there....might have made the trips a little more enjoyable.
Thanks kd. I'll watch out for that Charlottesville traffic. After seeing the news last night might have some higher than normal traffic south of town too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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