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BUELL xb12 - ignition from sportster 1994

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I have a problem with my sportster - with Buell XB12 engine inside.
My engine was damaged. I bought 2007 BUELL xb12 engine.
My frame was changed but rest of bike is OEM sportster 1200 - 1994.
Bike is finished now. But don't want work.

Question is:
Does the OEM Sportster 1200 Ignition module with Ign rotor and Ign Timing plate can work buell xb12 engine with stock buell camshafts?
For now - engine does not start.
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I don't think so. The Buell used an ignition system similar to the '99 Sportster Sport. A data link connector in the ICM circuit allowed a Scanalyzer or Digital Tech computer to connect and communicate with the ICM. Codes can be read and cleared and ignition timing is adjusted electronically.
I would try to locate a Buell ignition for your bike.
What year XB12 engine ? Ok, it's an '07. Carbed or injected ?
If injected your Sportster ignition wont work.
I think, either way you are going to have to use the Buel, or late model Sportster ignition.
I would be fascinated to see how you fit an XB engine into a Sportster. I would love to see pics.
Hallo. I have sportster 1200 -1994 bike and buell xb12 -2007.
I had to much work with it.
Ive put OEM Sporty 1994 ignition with rotor and plate to buell now.
Ive cut a new timing rotor notch in the 2 cam (Sportster and XB cams are different). Tomorow I will try to start engine.

ps. Im looking for 2005 SPORTSTER right slider (DUAL front brake).
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You cut off the swingarm pivots? Do you still use the Buell motor mount points on the front head and top of trans? No mounts below the crank case?
You will use a carburetor, and skip the computer all together?
Ok. From the begining. In Poland we love customs :):bikerguy:

First : bottom under crankshaft of buell is wider than sportster - I cut bottom of the frame and made it wider ( see pic).
Upper mounts are original sportster - they fit to buell without changing.

Lower back mount - Ive built new one. One part connecting frame mounting holes and engine (upper 4 screws and 2 big lower screws at the back of engine). One metal bracket.

About front engine mount - hmmmmm look at the picture. Artistic sculpture :)

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Um, the front frame down tube welding is just a mock up ... right ?
Um, the front frame down tube welding is just a mock up ... right ?
I sure hope so! Looks kind of like a pigeon flew over and pooped.
I dont have a good pic of frame. Now frame looks like on this pic:

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That's what I was asking, that's just a mock up ... right ?
If its not...... Still would be cool to see a buell motor in a sporty frame. :)
When I maked a pic - frame wasnt finished. Now all is painted. All pipes are welded and closed. Special reinforcement are included.

Now I must adjust a good timing.
How I can adjust timing with strobo? On crankshaft I have TDC mark only.
The stock Buell ignition timing was adjusted electronically thru the ICM using a Scanalyzer. If there aren't any timing marks on the flywheel the only way I can think of to set the timing is using a degree wheel. Or you can mark the comp. sprocket in 360* increments, find TDC and go from there.
You could use a dial-back light or do it the old fashioned way, by ear. There is a TDC mark on the flywheel, but it is on the right side.
Ok. Ive marked 28deg BTDC on flywheel. Now I will try to adjust it with strobo....
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