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09 Dyna Super Glide
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Last month I installed a pair of Traxxion single-rate springs with a set of Ricor Intiminator valves in the 49mm forks of my 2009 Dyna Super Glide. The new springs and valves made a world of difference in how the front suspension functioned. Having a fully dampened front suspension is a big improvement over Harley's stock pogo-stick front end.

When trying to set the sag for the front forks, one of the most frustrating things is experimenting with different length spacers. Having to jack the bike up so that the front end is off the ground, remove the fork caps, cut the spacers, then put the fork caps back on is a pain in the ass. Sometimes the amount of pressure that you have to exert on the fork caps to get them back on is excessive. Which is why it is so common to see motorcycles with too much sag - it's easier to just cut the spacer than try to fight against the springs.

I decided to try a different route. I bought a pair of Burly adjustable preload fork caps. They give you just over 3/4" of adjustment. This lets you back off the preload to install the caps easily, then you can crank them down to get the front fork sag that is right for you. If the weight of the bike changes from adding a passenger or from additional luggage, you can adjust the preload to compensate for the extra weight.

Progressive Suspension Burly Fork Preload Adjuster

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