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cable and wire kits for new handlebars question.

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what cable and wire kits has anyone used for ape hangers, i am putting 12" wild 1 chubby outlawz on my softail standard and i went to burly's website and they only sell 14" ape cables and wire kit, so using 12" bars and 2" risers would the cables still be too long?
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I ordered everything through my Dealership. WOs 14" Chubbys, braided lines, etc, etc, and what I think is interesting is that all of the big stuff doesn't come from the MoCo.

New Parts Mgr and I hit off real quick; I trusted the guy with the order as he was the proud owner of a few bikes including a show bike with large apes! Seemed really comfortable with his recos . . . Gave me 20 off to boot and then upsold me on some lightly used true duals at his cost. Guess my point is relationships count!

Good luck,
LA Choppers website will get you the right set. You can order LA Chopper kits from JPCycles once you use the program and get the number. It saves some bucks if you are a JPCycles Gold Club member.
I went with the LA Choppers for my 16 in Wild Ones. Be sure to measure them and don't trust the measurements from LA Choppers. Mine were too long. When the budget allows I am going to replace with proper fitting cables.
I used burly, I put HD mini apes on my 48 and ordered a 12" kit, brake and clutch are a little long but not that big of a deal.
Longer is better than shorter, at least that's what she said

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I went the cheap route.... cut and butt end connected with heat shrink tubing on each
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