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Cam Installation

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ok I am not a mechanic by any means but I do know how to turn a wrench. I do not trust taking my bike to a mechanic shop as I have been screwed over so many times so I try to do all the wrenching myself.

my bike has been poppin' and backfiring for awhile. so i started looking around and long story short I had to put the cam back in.

My question is it possible to put the cam in wrong?

I got everything back together and it starts pretty good but it still pops and back fires a little but not as bad as before.

here is how I installed the cam.
I turned the motor to TDC then rotated it until the timing marks lined up.

looking forward to hearing from ya.
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Welcome to the forum , you may want to post some more specific details like , year , model , what motor , what exhaust and intake to zero us in on what you got .
Sorry about that.

I have a 1993 HD FXSTC with a 1340 evo that is fitted with a S&S super E carb and slash cut drag pipes. forgive me I can't remember the brand of the pipes.
I`m thinking the problem lies more in the carb tuning and choice pipes.
Cam timing and TDC have nothing in common on an EVO.

You install the can based on the marks on the pinion, cam and breather gears.

Timing is set on the cam plate.

How deep did you set pushrods in tappets?

Did it pop prior to cam install?

Did you change jetting afterwards?

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If those drag pipes are wide open, that is not going to be tuner-friendly.
Simply install an 1 1/2" long 1/4" bolt and stack 4-5, 5/16" nuts on that bolt, approx 3" from the end of the pipe.
Now your at least in control of the reversion, somewhat.
Thank you for your insights, yes it was popping before the cam install and I have changed the main jet but it was prior to the install. this issue has been an issue for some time now. in fact the reason i changed the main jet is because of the popping and coughing of the engine. the pipes are restricted the pushrod lengths were not changed.

I ordered a set of jets will work that angle for now. I will update as I go.
Smaller Jet work wonders, I am no longer coughing out the carb and I am no longer spitting and sputtering when I hold it at a steady speed. Although at a lower steady speed, the exhaust is still popping it will go away if I keep the RPM's up
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