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Cam questions

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This may have been covered elsewhere but I couldn't find it. I'm considering replacing my cams on my 2006 FLHTI. My reasoning is to increase horsepower at cruising rpm's 2500 - 4000. When I ride two up I find the 88 a little lacking, especially in the mountains. My question is will this help or are more mods needed and if so what? What kind of increase should I expect? I'm not a mechanic so please keep responses simple and easy to understand.
I don't want to do the big bore kit due to heat generated and the 5 speed tranny will just whine like mad.
Would love to just buy a new bike but that is not possible till my daughter graduates.
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I should have told you I already have the stage 1 kit done.
I should have told you I already have the stage 1 kit done.
You'll need to add a fuel management system to add more fuel, if ou haven't already. OUtside of that.....cams, inner cam bearings, adjustable pushrods and new map for FMU.

I should have told you I already have the stage 1 kit done.
Put a set of SE 203's and a PowerCommander, you'll be good to go then. :thumbsup

I just put a set of gear drive S&S 509 cams in my 88 I love it...more torque from idle to 4500....At 70 when i twist on the trottle pulls HARD....By 4000 RPM i'm over 100....
My bike is a 2002 Deuce, Stage 1 (Cobra Exhaust, Hypercharger, Powercommander V, and the cams...)
Just an FYI: 2002-2006 Delphi ECUs are premapped systems with no O2 sensors. They run on the rich side, which is why within those years, guys can add slip-ons and an air cleaner and NOT add a fuel management, and be ok.

However, if you add cams, this increases the lift of the valves and the duration of the time valves are open, requiring more fuel. Cold running stage, Idle and Wide open throttle are preset values as well.

The 02-06 models are far richer running in stock form than 07-14 models ever were.

In 07, the leaness/heat issues really started to become obvious, due to EPA mapping and increased cubic inch displacement, and subsequently, more surface friction area to add heat to oil and engine mass.
Love the 211s they are tried and true and they love the high compression.
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