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I have a 2012 Harley Heritage Softail Classic. I wanted to bring my handlebars closer to me and raise them a bit. I bought the 6" pullback risers (Curved Handlebar Riser Kit-56266-09 | Handlebar Risers, Clamps & Covers** | Official Harley-Davidson Online Store) recommended for this bike and had them installed. Unfortunately, this brought the handlebars back and up more than I wanted and I feel like I am leaning back on the bike. I rotated the bars forward, but now I have to reach to turn the handlebars in a tight turn.

I was hoping that maybe I could use the 4" straight risers (Straight Handlebar Riser Kit-56063-82A | Handlebar Risers, Clamps & Covers** | Official Harley-Davidson Online Store) instead. My reasoning is that the height of the 4" riser would be ideal (not too high) and that the natural pullback gotten from the angle of the plate on top of the triple tree would bring the bars back just the right amount.

The problem is that H-D does not list my bike in its fitment list for this riser (it only lists a Switchback and a Sportster). Soooo, I was wondering if anyone has used this riser on their Heritage Softail Classic, how it fits, and what effect it has on the handlebar position, especially the pullback.

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