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Car tire, car tire, car tire.. Which one.

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What size is being put on without hitting the underside of the fender. I see that 185-16 is the standard size, but will a 205-16 fit???
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I run a 205/55R16 RF on my 12 ultra, no issues at all make sure you don't over inflate, wears out the center.
I have a buddy who runs one. He told me there is a whole forum dedicated to running car tires and has all the data figured out. Do a search on google and it should show up.
The problem trying to fit a car tire inside a motorcycle fender is the tire profile. Car tires have a flat tread area whereas the cycle tire has a curved tread area. The cycle fender matches the curve of the cycle tire.
Now if it's a custom bike with a flat fender the car tire will fit no problemo with the correct wheel.
As the resident Darksider here I can tell you that there are a lot of factors that go into fitment of a CT.
A through understanding of exactly what the numbers in the size mean is the first step.
Rim width is a huge factor.
Sidewall to belt clearance is another big issue. Some bikes have ample room while others are tight to start with.
Feel free to PM me if you wish. I'm no expert but I do have extensive experience with this subject.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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