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Carlos G Godfrog

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Hi, I started riding in the mid sixties, 1939 HD. Stopped after a year and didn't ride until the late eighties, when I got a CB550 Honda. That lasted two years, and I stopped again. I just got a 2000 Heritage Springer, and I love it. Will definitely stay with this for many years.
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Is that like Kermit T Frog?
Welcome to the Forum!
Welcome to the crew! Good folks and info here.
Ride safe.
Welcome from Conway, SC.
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome from College Station, TX

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Welcome from north Texas!
Welcome from New Hampshire
Hi, I started riding in the mid sixties, 1939 HD.
We'd like to see pix of this bike if you have any. :thumb

The Origins of the Godfrog Award
This is where the name comes from.
Thank you all for the welcomes. I don't have a pic of my original bike. This is my current scoot. Here is a pic of a 1935, mine was a 1939. Here are a couple of a 1951.


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I bet it brings back memories eh?
Welcome to the forum from Waco, TX.
Great intro, welcome to the forum. Look forward to some riding stoire. Nice looking bike.
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