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CFR response from Iron Aces

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I inquired about CFR slip ons from Iron Aces. For those of you thinking about purchasing these, this may help.

My question to them;
I am looking for CFR Motorcycles FLH Slip-on Exhaust for a 2014 Street Glide FLHX. Are the CRRs you all sell the "New Design"? When I say new design, I was told that the new designs helps create back pressure. Last question is would I need a fuel tuner or could I run with the stock heads?

Their response;

Lindsey Trausch

I first want to apologize for not getting back with you sooner. I was out of the office Wednesday thru Friday attending my nephews Basic Training graduation from the US Marine Corp and while I had hopped to have some time to do a little work while I was there, we were extremely busy doing various things with my family and I simply just did not have the opportunity to reply until now.

In regards to the CFRs....these are indeed the "new style" CFRs that have the modified baffle for added back pressure. CFR actually made this change roughly 3 years ago so unless you are purchasing a used set, all brand new CFRs will come equipped with this modified baffle.

In regards to running a tuner with the CFRs...it is highly recommended that you have the bike retuned when adding CFR slip-ons to bike with a 103"+ engine regardless of whether or not you change the stock air cleaner and/or stock header. This is because the way the baffle is designed it pulls more air out of the header which alters the air:fuel ratio and if this is not corrected, you run a very high risk of the slip-ons discoloring since the bike is running too hot (aka: lean) and since this is a tuning issue and not a chrome defect, this discoloration is not covered under warranty.

Hopefully this answers all of your questions but if I overlooked anything, please let me know.

Talk to you soon!!
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That is some great customer service even if it did take a little longer for the answer!
Good people to deal with. Haven't been able to get a pic of Lindsay, but she sounds like a cutie on the phone.

Bought CFR pipes, s n s AC, and a VH tuner from her this year. Good prices, fast shipping.

Need that pic, though to round out the package.
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