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Was a member of the previous verson of this place, but wasn't very active. Like the looks of the remodel, the fresh paint, the pretty lights.

Ride an '02 Heritage and an '04 Wide Glide. Both quite different but each delivers the smiles and memories.

The Heritage was a result of renting one out of Chicago in '01, riding up to Grand Rapids, MI and going on a weekend trip with my mom :). Great ride and memories.

The Wide Glide was from the experience of two long rentals out of Dallas, riding up to NW Arkansas and the Ozarks, handling some business, then riding over to Memphis seeing a prisoner pen-pal friend of mine. For my long legs the WG fits me v e r y w e l l :). Great story about the pen-pal for some slow day.

Guess in a way, it was long rentals of the bike causing me to decide "I need to get me one of these!"
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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