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Chinese Sportster

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Was on you tube and came across this...I guess if you want a 2023 1200 Sporty here's were to get it
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Brought to you by China and Italy...... The Chinese have been Cloning Western Manufactured Goods for Years. Examples are all the Small Engines from China. They are Honda Clones, Exact Clones. Chi a Reverse Engineers these so they are interchangeable. Yep the Honda Parts bolt right on the Chineese Engines. The Honda costs $400, Chineese Clone $160, as they have no Engineering cost to recover. Next Up a Shineray Ulta Crassic.......
Lol..yep !!
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The Chinese can't be doing things to bad as pretty much everything we buy is made in China !
True...and that knock off Sporty looks pretty good.. and it sounds pretty good too
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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