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Chopped tour pack recommendation

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So looking for just a little more storage on my street glide and looking for a chopped pack. Dealer price is pretty steep. Was wondering what experience others have had with some of the aftermarket options? Are they worth it? Or are they crap?

If so any recommendations on which one to go with. Kicking myself cause there was a factory chopped pack on eBay couple months ago already painted same color as my bike and I didn't jump on it.
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You can try these guys in the U.S.A.MUTAZU Motorcycle Trunks Trunk Series&product_id=28&s=prod.php.

Or these guys in Canada. Ridebikegear.com - Motorcycle Saddlebags, Motorcycle Panniers, Luggage & Accessories. I ordered a chopped pak from Ride Bike Gear. Looks to be well made.
If you are going to rig it as a detachable anyway, I'd encourage you to re-think the chopped TP. It doesn't really look a whole lot different and you give up a lot of storage space.

When you need storage, you need storage.
chopped is not bad for storage. Razor is not good for storage. Full size obviously most storage. I did the HD chopped and despite the price, it is perfect and holds a bunch.


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The KingPac has the best backrest for your BOB . Just ask her . :)
+1 on the king pak. .. you got spilled to it. ..and so does the ol
We did the King TP primarily for her comfort. The storage was a bonus. Happy on both counts. Three counts if you include the detachable factor. Win win win.

I added a tour pack, cause I didn't like the way a backrest looked and I wanted something for my wife to ride comfortably on, the extra luggage space was just a bonus...


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I think the King is the way that I will go, but on bikes that have been customized to a degree, I think the chopped is a little more sporty looking. I am going to go with the Matazu ones. My bike is vivid black, so I won't have to paint. I do hear you may want to change the hardware on the aftermarket pieces. I guess they don't hold up to well.
I have the detachable chopped pak and like it. I use it when the wife rides with me and to hold all of her junk... :) It looks a lot better IMO than the King pak, and it holds more stuff than you would expect. If you don't care about looks at all, or do a lot of traveling needing maximum storage space, then go for the King. If not, then I prefer the Chopped.
I have the king ... It's detachable but never comes off. It's awesome
The chopped looks great! Everyone says the razor is to small but I love it and my wife loves it even more! I love the style and low profile of razor. It has plenty of room to me but what in the hell do I know about storage when I've been riding metric crotch rockets for 20 years. Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Motorcycle accessories
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Tire

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+1 on the chopped tour pack for 2014 more room better looks and comfort for my better half a win win.
I bought a chopped tour pak on ebay. It's not a genuine Harley piece and the bottom is shaped a little differently. I bought the one that already had the hinges and latches installed but if I had it to do over again I would have bought it without them because I didn't like the hinges that came on it and replaced them with the premium style hinges. Also I wound up taking the seal out to paint the inside and had to replace that. I bought the detachable rack,hinges,seal,lock,back rest and genuine Harley luggage rack all on ebay and painted it myself with paint from colorrite. I lined it with some carpet I bought in the auto section at Wal-Mart. It's not perfect, but turned out pretty good and I love the extra space and being able to lock up my helmet and leather jacket if I need to. I've got around $750.00 in it.

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The new redesigned 2014 and newer king pack looks like pre 2014 chopped pack yet has more capacity than pre 2014 king packs. They mount to pre 2014 4pt docking hardware as well. Is what I plan to put on my 2013 Rg custom.
I got the Mutazu for my 06 Streetglide because I didn't want to spend that much money on something I was only using 2 time per year. They have nice style but are thinner construction than Harley units. More flex when trying to open and close them. Also don't bother with the wrap around back rest. The first one I got was so twisted and distorted they told me to just throw it away when I called about it. The service was fast and I had a new one in 4 days but that one was not much better. The standard back rest feels like it is upholstered with a 2x4 but it is straight. Overall if this is something that will see limited use it is fine for the amount it costs. Good luck with your choice.
Those chopped tour packs look awesome guys ! Maybe some day soon for me.
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