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Clutch dragging issues

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Need some suggestions regarding a '97 Road King with a clutch issue. The problem is... Can't seem to adjust the clutch to the point where I can eliminate dragging/creeping with the lever pulled tight to the bars. I recently replaced the bars and clutch cable at that time with a new Barnett cable. With the cable slackened up, I adjust the basket as per the manual (turn adjuster in until light resistance is felt then back off 1/2 turn), then adjust the cable to attain approx. 1/8" slack in the cable at the lever perch. With everything adjusted as per spec, the lever must be pulled tight to the bar to get disengagement. When releasing the lever, the clutch starts grabbing right away and as the bike gets warmer, it grabs even with the lever squeezed tight to the bars. I,m thinking a weak release spring or warped disks... Any thoughts? Please! :feedback:
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Did you seat the ball and ramp?
You went in clockwise until it touches and backed out 1/2.
Did you hold the center when tightening the locking nut?

Also what's the level in your primary?
And what fluid?
What Misinlink said. Not already mentioned ensure your bike is cold, room temp is best. Do you have a HD Manual for your bike? Read the procedure to insure you seated balls & ramp, continue adjustment from there. Some guys have a different feel for the touch adjustment. I go a touch(when it stops) then give it just a little skinch more. Back it out 1/2 turn, make sure center bolt does not move as you lock it up. My lever adjusted 1/16".

Good luck.
The key is what softtailbilly said. Take it a skinch more. I that I was the only one to have those adjustments. If that don't work take it just a skosh. It will b spot on

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Running ATF will help with clutch drag . :)
I want to thank you all for your suggestions. I think I was just a little light on my touch. I really like the technical terms for the basket adjustment.
I also found that the primary oil level was a little low and the lube was filthy. I drained it and filled to the proper level with Shell Rotella T 15w40. I use this oil in a lot bike where the crankcase oil also services the trans/clutch. It works very well and has no friction modifiers.
Now I have to wait for the weather to cooperate so I can test. Thanks again!
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