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So, what is the "Compensator Nut Fix DuJour"?

I have an '03 Softail that just developed an intermittent knock at idle, down low, in front, when cold.... sort of like: "potato-knock-potato-potato-potato-knock-potato-knock"

From everything I have searched/read/heard, it's most likely the comp nut. I'm leaning towards removing, cleaning, red loctite'ng, torquing, and pinning.

The driveline is bone-stock

A few questions...

- I have a very early '03 (07/02 production date on frame)... is there a chance that I still have the Timken bearing setup or is it safe to say I have the '03-up left side roller bearing? Is there a way to say for sure without pulling the bottom end apart?

- machine the nut or put in the spacer washer.. or do either (latest service bullitin doesn't specify it)?

- if machining the .030" off the nut... is that amount critical or will, oh, say, anything between .030" and .100 do the job (I pretty anal retentive and would have it done exactly .030", but wondering what the tolerance is and why)

- if I drill and pin the nut, what should I torque the nut to? I'm figuring the original 150-165 lb. ft. should be what the compensator needs to operate properly and then when I pin it, it's not going anywhere.

- Am I missing anything (besides my pants)?
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