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Cool weather riding!

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Not thats its got cold cold, had a few mornings that were around 40 degrees.
It doesn't seem like anybody I know likes to ride if the temp is under 55 degrees! I've rode when its been so cold it probably bordered on... being nuts? with blockage from wind with windshield/fairing its fairly easy and comfy down to upper thirties.
Even though I've rode in colder temps..this year I'll probably not venture out in colder than 35 weather. At that temp I can still ride and not be chilled.
In winter months I tend to just ride to and from work...

If you had a zone/temp that you would park bike what would it be???
I know some will say if they feel like riding they would ride no matter what and thats cool.
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For the most part, if the roads are clear of ice, snow, or freezing rain I'm pretty good with riding in cold weather. Once it gets below about 30* I put on lined rain pants to keep my legs warm, layer up under a leather jacket, heated gloves, and a full face helmet with a neck gator.

If I'm going to be out all day and it's in the 35-45* range I'll wear chaps or flannel lined jeans just to keep my legs warm.
Once there is a chance of ice on the road I park it. I have ridden over a mountain pass and got caught in a heck of a snow storm and that was NO fun at all. Going up was not terrible but going down was pure hell on wheels. The traffic was polishing the snow and turning it to ice.
I have ridden dirt bikes on snow and ice and that is a hoot. Except now the ground seems to be getting harder with each passing year

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My story is the same as yours and DuceDog. 35 is about it. Still comfy with layers and chaps, balaclava and face mask. Have heated gloves but haven't needed to plug in.

Rode in near 0 over 40 years ago. 50 mile one way. Won't do that again. Still remember how miserable I was.
40* wearing everything I can find.
Got caught 2 years ago 150 miles from home, 37* and raining = long undies, jeans, fleece jacket, chaps, leather jacket, and rain suit. I couldn't move too good but I wasn't very cold.
Thats how I am being from the south!!! When it gets to 40* I'm putting on everything I got to keep me warm.. I can handle the heat but I'm not and Eskimo!! Lol
My hell!! In my family I'm the only biker. If it gets down to 50 they are all ur crazy to go ride u will freeze. All the family but me snowmobile ride. They all go riding there sleds even down to -10. So I'm like u guys r idiots. The last time I checked -10 is colder than 50, do u listen to yourself? I live in Idaho so riding time is limited, I do go short rides to work (11 miles) sometimes when it gets down to 38. Just dress for it

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Here in NY I ride all year long as long as there is no snow, no rain, no salt or sand on the road and the temps are above 30 degrees. Lately the winters have been brutal in the northeast so riding has been derailed a lot.
have long johns and heavy weight socks - ski gloves and ski neck thingy- and a full face helmet
I've ridden as low as 15. I told the wife that now that I own a truck, my limit was 32.
As long as there is no ice on the ground, I'll ride. Snow or ice is automatic stay at home weather here since most of the natives can't drive when the roads are dry anyway.
Living in the south, (No salt) I have no trouble riding at or a little below freezing.
While living in Ohio, I pretty much parked it after the snow and salt trucks came out. That crap will eat an HD alive...
I have ridden to work a few times when it was mid to upper 30's (about 10 miles), but I knew it was going to be in the 60's by mid day. Otherwise, the 30's are a bit cool for me if I'm going very far and its not going to warm up pretty quick. I will add that I love ridding in the cooler weather where you have to wear your chaps and leather jacket.
As long as it's dry...I'am good prefer to ride when it's cold...but I also have a full Gerbing heat riding suit which makes it nice...
I have also found that mine "Flat out runs ," when it is near freezing...
Southern Winter is my favorite time for riding. I can ride the Electra Glide for a while in the 20's, but need it in the mid 30's for a long ride. I don't have heated clothing, I prefer layering and my rain suit is the absolute best for creating an insulating layer of air. I have every known air deflector on my Electra glide, and that helps a lot.
I require 40 degrees to ride the Dyna outside of town.
Rode up to Wis in 50 degree weather, on the slab, for 6 and half hours, I can't do that anymore even with heated gloves. Ride back was in the 40s.
cold weather

I ride when it's below freezing, but I have a heated jacket liner, heated gloves and heated grips. Fleece lined jeans and Carhart bibs for the bottom, maybe even long under wear. Thinsulate lined Redwing pull on boots.
I usually draw the line at 40 degrees also. I don't have any heated gear but I can usually find enough thermal gear to stay warm at 40.
No line to be drawn here... Just as long as the road conditions are safe...but maybe I'm still young and dumb... But it does not get so bad down here in nc

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