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Cutting Off "inner shift lever"

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I've been waiting for my scheduled primary fluid change to get rid of this thing.
Last year I found a thread describing in great detail how the shaft can be cut so as not to have to remove the primary chain and inner housing.
Does anyone know of that thread? And if so would you please help me find it?

Thanks in advance.

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Not a big fan of cutting anything due to the cost of reversal. You can tuck that arm down and kuryakyn makes an chrome cap for the stud.

If you decide to cut it, you push it in to expose the shaft and take a hacksaw blade, wrap some of it with electrical tape to not hurt your hand and slip it behind the inner primary and cut through the shaft. The arm comes out the back and shaft out the outside. Hole in inner gets plugged as does the outer primary. Newer primaries like your need to be plugged. Older ones had a plate you changed that eliminated the shaft hole.
Hahahaha.....I said "shaft hole". :D
got pic's Dave LOL

you said shaft hole @2:36 A.m.
Dave, thanks so much for confirming what I already knew(and had mostly forgotten;).
I was concerned because there was not enough clearance between the inner housing and the old shift arm to slip the saw blade. A light tap with a hammer and I see there is enough play to get that saw blade in there. Last year I replaced my mids with footboards and have that unsightly shaft sticking out as well as paint scarring from a de-greaser (White Lightning) I never should have used. I need to remove the outer housing anyway for repainting and figured it'd be a good time to get ride of the shift lever.
Thanks for your guidance.
Now I have a thread for the before & after :) Stay Tuned!


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I actually believe it's easier to cut it from the bottom, and less chance of damaging anything, as the blade moves or can actually bend at times.. That's up to you.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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