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In anticipation of a 1250 install sometime in the near future, I knew one of the pre-requisites was a tunable ignition. Since my 2006 Sporty is carb driven, I opted for the Dynatek DSPT.

I don't really need the downloadable maps feature, and I saved quite a few dollars with this model. The known downside is that the DSPT throws the speedo off by 15%.

I purchased the Dakota Digital SIM-1 recalibration unit to handle this. For a 2006, the connectors must be cut off and the unit spliced into the harness in front of the ECM.

There are only 3 wires to contend with, +5 volts, ground, and signal. The service manual makes it easy to find the correct wires, and Dakota Digital supplies a wire color mapping chart for different models.

It took about 15 minutes to splice the wires in. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the signal in connects to the wire going to the speedo sensor (white), and the signal out goes to the ECM (yellow).

At that point, I jury rigged my GPS to my bike, and took off down the road. While watching the GPS, I held the DOWN button until the speedo matched the GPS. That was accomplished in under 1/4 mile.

I then tucked the unit under the ECM, and I was done.


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