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Caught this post at another forum <Cough> and placing here. If true, just have a nice mellow H-D ride on The Dragon in 2007...

Posted by TNHP officer Cagle on his myspace page


posted by a State Trooper:

"Hey, just to give you a heads up for next season----we have a new captain in the knoxville district which covers blount county------ he has already told us that we will put a stop to the "race track driving" up on the dragon this year------so far what they have said is that the speed limit is 30mph and "ANYONE" caught going 50mph and up will be charged with reckless driving and will be jailed and their bike/car will be impounded--- --I am telling you this because i am trying to put the word out to everyone i know----or to people who know people that go up there-----I don't want to have to take people to jail for this---however I have bills to pay and I kind of like having a job---so never the less I have to do what i am told to do-----so the way i see it is that if killboy.com knows and you know and dealsgap.com knows and whoever else can find out can pass this along---it will benefit everybody--- -----feel free to copy and past this and let everyone know-------if you get caught up there it is only your fault because i am trying to pass the word along for everybody's sake-----we are not just going to come up from the bottom like in years past---they are gonna have us go through cherohala skwy in north carolina and come from the top down to the bottom----so no more free rides on your way back to the state line----they are gonna bring unmarked cars with radio's and have unmarked bikes up there----this will be a joint effort with blount county and the THP-----The entire THP motor unit will be brought in 2 people at a time(for a week long assignment) to be paired up with the local car----they plan on busting tail at least 3-4 times right off the bat---then they will sit back and see what takes place-----these orders came from Nashville Headquarters- --we have a complete brand new higher ranking structure from the very tip top spot down----they have said we will work until the problem is solved----just wanted to give you and your friends a heads up.......... SIGNED... .......Trp Cagle with THP assigned to Blount County Division---- (don't come crying to me if you get busted----cause I'm telling you now)"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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