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Did my first 'self' oil change...

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Seeing as my dealer jumped his price for an oil change from 65 to 95 bucks, I'm doing my own. Bought the oil filter wrench and the 'catch tray' that slides under the oil filter. The trick to that is to HOLD it in place while you unscrew the filter. I leaked maybe one teaspoon past it. Not too bad. Changed to the straight '60' weight for the summer and put Bel-Ray Gear oil in it, the red stuff. WHAT A DIFFERENCE THAT BEL-RAY MADE.... It's not even the same tranny. Gear changes are MUCH slicker and crisper and finding neutral is nothing more than a slight tap of the toe from either first or second while sitting still. Laid out thirty bucks for the two items, now an oil change will cost me about, with new O-rings for the drain plugs, about 35/37 bucks. That saves me about 60 bucks for an hour fifteen minutes of my time (and that includes putting the tarp down over the concrete garage floor...lol.... JUST IN CASE.... :)
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Nice going! That good feeling carries over into your upcoming rides.

Congratulations on the service , it always feels better to put money in your pocket not theirs.
Can't figure out the HD dealers. They complain about how many people are doing their own services and then jack the price up for the shop to do it. Must be a HD business strategy or something.
$95 thats cheap...My indy charges $200 for a full service (all 3 holes, lubing and adjusting cables, and a few other things)....I've never taken them up on it....

6qts (~3.5 motor, ~1 qt tranny, ~1gt primary, and 1/2 qt to carry in the saddle bag incase I need it) of Mobil 1 V-Twin 20/50 and a filter is all I need...
The guy who owns the dealership here, owns three others. He is definitely all about the mighty dollar and depends on the Mercedes driving dorks who don't know which hand of a screw driver to hold. His price increases have resulted in about a 40% drop in revenue this year over last, and he's starting to lose new bike sales, even to long time customers because he's trying to rape you on trade in value. One of my HOG chapter member's wife wants him to get a Trike real bad. He has a three year old Road Glide, I think that's what it is, and it's the fifth bike he's bought off this dealership. So he goes in and talks Trike. Then a week later a bunch of them went up to Mariville and the dealer there offered him FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE on his trade in. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.... So he goes back and tosses the quote on the salesman's desk. All he got is "I can't come close". My buddy's response was, "Don't worry, you don't HAVE to..." You expect someone to make an honest profit but not at the expense of raping us.....
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my dealer gets onehundred dollars a hole for dino oil. needless to say I do my oil changes .******
Dealer service is a joke. My father in law just burned a day of vacation to take his Road King in for the 1000 mile service. How much is that when you factor in the day off? What a waste. If auto manufacturers told you there was a 1000 mile service costing a couple hundred you'd flip them the bird and walk out the door! Work on your own scoot, you save a ton of money and pull yourself out of the ignorant masses!! End rant lol
I'm disabled due to back issues n have real hard time bending/stretching and getting up n down from floor. Even I do my own oil/tranny/primary and air filter servicing whenever possible. The fees are ridiculous at the manufacturer, over $225 depending on which one (few within riding distance, one only 15mi. or so). Even my indy dealer(owned by a freind, who treats me very well) charges me $160 ($200 flat fee for "just customers")...
...Ill do it myself for under $80. Can be as low as $50-60 depending on sales/etc....
I've been trying to mentally justify the $300 for services locally here, and especially when I have an appointment next Friday to take my Nissan in for an oil change and service....total cost for everything including oil, grease, filters, etc. is $13.99 plus tax. I can't do it that cheaply here so naturally they get it, and I further rape them by drinking their free coffee. For the bike, it costs less than $46 for oil and filter (I have O-rings by the thousands), and I have been doing my own services for the last 12 years without a problem.
one friend dropped off oil yesterday so i can do his- another just called about me showing him how to do his and im aboot ready to do mine- lol
There are probably four or five 'independents' here who are really seeing a surge in their businesses because the local HD dealership is driving away so much of their service business. Since they raised their basic oil change price I know of at least 50 of my HOG Chapter members who just refuse to pay it. And that' just the ones I know. Some of these guys do an oil chance every month. Now add on the rest of the service that they've decided to turn their backs on. That adds up to a major revenue loss. Better to net a thirty dollar profit 20 times a week than a sixty-five dollar profit three times a week. Pretty much common sense 101....
Yup, I got the ol' "Holier than thou" vibe from the "local" dealer as well. I will gladly drive out of state before I get raped by them!
The Harley Davidson dealership in Corpus Christi Texas charges $475 for a service.

I do my own.
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