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DNA Mammoth Wheels

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Does anyone know a cheap source to buy these? I'm looking for a set for a 09 street bob with black rims and spokes, and chrome eyelets. 18" rear and 21" front.
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I just purchased DNA Mammoth wheels, tires, and rotor directly from DNA Specialties. Price was very competitive...perhaps a little better than KC International. Decided to go with DNA since my inquiry on wheel pricing with KC International was not very cordial. Paul at DNA was helpful and willing to work with me on the pricing, especially shipping. When you buy tires for the wheels, be sure to install a tube even if they say tubeless application for the wheel. DNA installed the tire but did not install a tube per my instructions. I just had my wheels installed by the local dealership and the wheel went flat within a day so they installed the tube. It's all good now. Looks great!

Took about 2 weeks to build and deliver from the time I ordered...and shipment was to HI.

If interested, contact Paul Choi of DNA Specialties:
[email protected]
Paul Choi
DNA Specialty, Inc.
t. 310-767-4070 ext. #113
t. 888-755-4070

Good luck. Hope the information helps. Ride safe.
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I also obtained a quote directly from Ride Wright. Although I prefer Ride Wright wheels for its quality and reputation (and reviews on this forum), the price was cost prohibitive to me. I went with DNA since the wheel was half the price of RW and appear to be good quality and well made. Spokes from both vendors were stainless steel. I also could purchase organic brake pads, matching stainless steel rotor, Metzeler tire/tube and have everything professionally installed at the local dealership for substantially less than the price of the RW wheel alone.

Check out my garage for pics of my DNA front wheel.
Thanks for the info, I'll check them out!
I just ordered a set from Lucky 7 Custom Cycles in Fort Worth TX. 817-590-8840
Best deal on the wheels i could find.
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