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Howdy ya'll,

Subject bike: 2003 FLSTF Fatboy
Project: dual disk system

I'd like to convert to a dual front disk system on this bike, such as the Roadking or other touring models. I also dig the HD factory "turbine" wheels such as found on previous model years Ultra


Will a Touring model right lower leg fit the FLSTF upper and will it match up with the other factory side lower, so both rotors are in the same location ? Are the fork legs the same diameter and dampening ? (Fatboy / Roadking) What about attaching a rotor to the right side of the factory solid Fatboy wheel - the hub has a 5 bolt mount, but is it capable to hold the rotor / and spacing ?

Will the HD factory Ultra turbine wheels fit with this set up on the FLSTF Fatboy ?

If the lower leg from a Road king fits, what about the stock front wheel - any considerations ?

Will a Roadking fork legs (complete upppers and lowers) fit the Fatboy "tree's". If so, this would solve the question of spacing and mounting the additional rotor.

What other options do I have to convert to a dual front disk system on the Fatboy ?

Some might say -" just get a Road King" - but I enjoy modifying my Fatboy into something different, and enjoy this bike. I look forward all comments, and thank you.
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