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Dyno, mapping, power commander, fuel pack, what do I do?

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I just installed a full exhaust(V&H) and air cleaner kit(V&H) on my 2014 HD Dyna Street Bob. I called HD and they said I just need a phase 1 download. I had a friend that just got that and he sees no difference in his performance and still gets backfire. Other people tell me I just need mapping, others say I need a power commander, and other say I need a power commander and a dyno, others say I just need a dyno, others say I need a fuel pack. Please help me to understand what I need to get the best performance out of my bike.
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Congrats on your new bike. Pictures please. You have just added more air flow through and out of the engine. You now need to add more fuel to get the best performance out of your bike. I would suggest you read up on all of their suggestions, and those that you get from the forum, and make an informed decision. Also think about what you want to do to the bike in the future. Your methodology of adding more fuel now, will affect your wallet later.

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I just watched some you tube videos and all I plan to do it what I have already done , add and a full exhaust and air cleaner, so I think the V&H fuel pak may be the answer since I don't plan on doing any engine changes. Just don't know if I should let HD do the mapping or order the V&H fuel pan
If you're not gonna do anything else to the engine you 'll be good with the fuelpak.
Fuel pak

I just got a new 2014SGS don't plan on internal engine mods I have SE. Ac V&H twin slash gutted cats and FP3 fuel pak so far great results no popping I may try auto tune this weekend just to see. Dealer did initial set up I've called V&H they were great and suggested the auto tune. Running to Columbus this weekend see what happens 200mi on bike.
Just put VA staggered big shots and screaming eagle stage 1 and I used a f p 3 fuelpak w auto tune feature it has been doing very well and still using autotune feature to give a finer tune to my riding style
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