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Okay, i will post this again:
1. Handlebar run switch to OFF
2. Hold down the trip reset button while turning the ignition switch to RUN
3. Release the trip button as the gauges sweep. This runs the Diagnostic program.

Cycle through the menu using the trip button:
Quick tap of the button is NEXT.
Long press of the button is Erase.

Turn the ignition switch to OFF at any time to leave the diagnostic.

If you get to a point where it says "Erase Code" or whatever but, you don't want to. Just turn the ignition OFF.
Then re run the test. If you think you accidently erased something that you shouldn't have... The next time you run the engine, the code will reappear IF it is a CURRENT code. You really can't hurt anything by erasing the codes. They will come back if they are active. My suggestion is to run through it once or twice, without erasing anything. Just to get the feel of how the menu works. Then write down any codes before erasing them.

Good luck!
My buddy just called to ask me to go help him with his bike. So I will be out of here until this evening.
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