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Engine code

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I am getting a r Lo code on my display, any ideas? Thanks
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You have 10 miles or less before you're out of gas and having to hoof it.

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Yup...since the bikes haven't had a reserve portion with a petcock you could switch from Main to Reserve (ok, am I showing my age now?), the system estimates the miles you have left on your fuel. By using the odometer function switch you can cycle thru total miles on the bike, Trip A, Trip B, and range to empty.

Even if you don't have 'range to empty' displayed on the odometer when you start to run low on fuel the bike will force the display 'r Lo' to show impending flameout...

Remember...the range estimation on the odometer is ONLY an estimate...many of us don't rely on it and use a trip odometer as a backup to any fuel gauge.

Enjoy and ride safe...

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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