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Hi guys,
Had something strange happen to me. Finishing up an awesome 4,000 mile ride from Nebraska through all of the National Parks to SoCal. My back sprocket bolts backed out and started hitting the swing arm. I was on a narrow two lane road (hwy 128 near Cloverdale CA). To get to a safe spot to pull over I put the bike in neutral and rolled downhill until I hit an uphill section, put the bike into 2nd gear to get up the hill. Found a safe spot to pullover but felt something happen. The engine stared to run roughly. Damn! Engine still starts but sounds like its firing out of phase if that makes sense. Did putting it into 2nd gear cause the bolts hitting the swing arm to send a shock through the drive train and do something to the engine? Any advice would sure be appreciated.
The entire trip the engine ran like a top! No problems.
Thanks all!
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