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ethanol vs non ethanol

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new to Harley and wondering opinions on these two types of gases. I realize we must use 91 or higher on the octane but curious about the other.
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I use shell premium, here ethanol gas is 87, 89 & 93 octane as far as non ethanol here it's only 87+ it's higher than ethanol 87, so I always use the 93.
Ethanol reduces your fuel mileage and attracts water. Read your owners manual about what fuel to use.
This spring, I found some non-ethanol, high test gas at 92 octane in Montana. Tried it. Ran fine. I wasn't using Gas Cubby then, so I don't have any stats to show better/worse mileage or anything.

Still, the Fat Boy is getting a pretty regular 41-47 mpg on ethanol gas. I don't make a lot of short trips. I think the mileage has more to do with the kind of riding I'm doing than the gas, though.
Harley's run fine on 10% ethanol gas. With either keep the tank full, when the bike sits for any length of time, to avoid condensation. Star-tron or Sta-bil additives will keep the fuel system clean and the ethanol problems at a minimum. ( I prefer Star-tron).
$4.13 for 93 octane non-ethanol and $3.35 for 93 octane ethanol here in Shreveport .
I use both with no problems .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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