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Evil Little Offset Clevis

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Can anyone explain why Harley's recent Sportster models with forward controls have an evil little offset clevis which doesn't allow you to use most of the foot pegs out there. I switched from mid to forward controls but can't use my mini floorboards that were mounted on my mids. As a matter of fact I don't see any peg that will fit due to the offset clevis except the cheap ugly looking black rubber one the dealer put on. The peg has to be offset in order for it to fit in the forward control clevis. It makes no sense to me. It's only the late model Sportsters with factory installed forwards and the Harley Forward Control Kit that has this clevis problem. Drag Specialties is the only company that makes an adaptor clevis that solves this problem and they want $70 for it. With the adaptor any peg will fit. Why Harley why?? Drag Specialties Offset Clevis Footpeg Conversion Kit For Harley Sportster C/V/X 2011-2014 - RevZilla
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They did the same thing on the rockers, which I have. I run regular pegs anyway. It's only about a half inch diff. on mine, so no big deal once your used to it.
I think they did it to put your foot in the perfect position per specs...I have been running regular pegs for years without an issue.
Ride safe.
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